Wednesday, January 8, 2014



Unfortunately it has been forever (and a day, don't forget the day) since I've written on this blog. It's probably because I've been working so hard on my latest ms (finished as of 1/1/2014!). And you know how that's like. For the past four months I've been walking around (when I wasn't writing or pretending to do organic chemistry) telling everyone who would listen, or was just really around, that I was almost done.

As we all know, almost isn't good enough. But I'm coming to you from the the side that is done. And now that I'm am basking in the glow of mild accomplishment (you know, since writing the novel was the fun, easy part), I'm eager to accomplish more things. But I'll be reasonable.

Here are my top 5 (of my many infinite) goals for 2014.

#5 Survive Spring Semester (aka Actually Learn Something/Do Something/Care)

#4 Stop Eating Like This:

#3 Become Proficient in Another Language

#2  Excel in a Certain Examination

#1 Be in the works to Publish WitL!

...And love my family more.


But they're a tough bunch, am I right?

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