Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pitch Slam Entry

Consider me pitched. Here is my query, pitch, and feedback from the beautiful contest that is Pitch Slam 2014. Hopefully all goes well. Until then, please tear it to shreds.

Seventeen-year-old Ada knows there are three steps to (a not awful) adulthood:
(1) Pass her genetic potential tests as a Hybrid—the superior rulers of humanity.
(2) Leave her foster village with guy-friend Zeran to live in the Higher Society—home of Hybrids, and more importantly, her long-lost parents.
(3) Live Hybridly ever after. 

But step three is foiled when Ada discovers she has defective Hybrid DNA. It's bad enough she won't have their preternatural intellect or their ability to sustain themselves with little sleep or nourishment. It's worse that Zeran triples in the potential she lacks, making his reassurances feel like a slap to her defective face. But what takes the freaking fruitcake is her father exiling her after deeming her worthless to society. So she makes like her near non-existent powers and disappears.
By the time Ada notices a note from Zeran expressing his love for her, she's lost in the vast wilderness between the Higher Society and her village. As Ada tries to make her way back through man-eating animals and deadly dust storms, she meets a group of young travelers seeking the land of genetic refugees—the only place she could ever fit in. 

Now Ada faces an impossible choice: embark on a dangerous journey to an island of rejects, or risk losing new ties to return to Zeran—the boy who had always accepted her—and a family that never will.

 In a world divided by two subspecies of humans, Ada's a Hybrid—the superhuman-breed—with defective DNA. When her powerful father exiles her, Ada embarks on dangerous journey seeking the island of genetic-rejects—and revenge.

In a world divided by two subspecies of humans, Ada's a Hybrid--the superhuman breed--with defective DNA. When her powerful father exiles her, Ada embarks on a dangerous journey seeking the island of genetic rejects--and revenge. (Nest-pitch pitch) 

In a world divided by two subspecies of humanity, Ada learns she's a Hybrid—the superhuman breed—with defective DNA. When her powerful father exiles her from society, Ada embarks on a dangerous journey seeking acceptance—redemption.(Pitchmadness pitch)
Specifics in this pitch will really drive home what is coming across as a fun twist on a genetics story. First, what are these subspecies of humans? Just a word or two to let us know. You can get those words by cutting extra information here and there, like the phrase "the superhuman breed". We don't need it. And what about her DNA makes her defective? And is her father powerful physically or politically? These few details will make this pitch shine.
Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Playlist of Life

Hello, all.
In honor of Pitch Slam, I wanted to share the playlist that got me through writing Written in the Leaves. There are probably more songs, as I usually just binged on the full albums on youtube, but here are the ten or so that really stuck to me. Hopefully, if this book is published, you'll see why these songs matched the scenes. :) For now, here's the list.

Written in the Leaves Playlist 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014



Unfortunately it has been forever (and a day, don't forget the day) since I've written on this blog. It's probably because I've been working so hard on my latest ms (finished as of 1/1/2014!). And you know how that's like. For the past four months I've been walking around (when I wasn't writing or pretending to do organic chemistry) telling everyone who would listen, or was just really around, that I was almost done.

As we all know, almost isn't good enough. But I'm coming to you from the the side that is done. And now that I'm am basking in the glow of mild accomplishment (you know, since writing the novel was the fun, easy part), I'm eager to accomplish more things. But I'll be reasonable.

Here are my top 5 (of my many infinite) goals for 2014.

#5 Survive Spring Semester (aka Actually Learn Something/Do Something/Care)

#4 Stop Eating Like This:

#3 Become Proficient in Another Language

#2  Excel in a Certain Examination

#1 Be in the works to Publish WitL!

...And love my family more.


But they're a tough bunch, am I right?